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Kenosha Roof Repairs has been the city’s most-trusted, residential and commercial roofing company for a number of years, they have had continued success and customer satisfaction.

Our motivation is driven by the desire to provide roofing services that enhance the appearance of the house, its durability, functionality, and sustainability. We work to deliver you with roofing services that are top-notch whether they be residential or commercial.

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We work on commercial building business properties in addition to residential homes. Kenosha Roof Repairs will professionally install high-quality roofs  for commercial building business projects of any size and configuration. We have many years of experience and training in the industry, which will ensure that any commercial roofing project you send your way will be completed according to your specifications.


Our construction experts are knowledgeable, clean, skilled, and respectful. We treat your home as if it were our own, ensuring that we keep the site as clean as possible during the project. Kenosha Roof Pro strives to deliver quality work at a reasonable rate to guarantee your family home has a high-quality roof for many years.  Our company offers a wide range of residential roofing choices for single-family homes, HOA’s, and apartments. Roof repair and maintenance are crucial to the longevity of your residential roof. If you have any concerns about your home’s roof or would just like an update on its condition, we offer free in-home inspections and can provide you with an in-depth estimate.


Roofs can have a lifespan up to fifty years, but only if you maintain them very well. Plain and simple, the better you take care of your roof, the longer it will last.  Roof leaks are a common occurrence in older homes. Wisconsin gets bombarded with rains and snow. This does a lot of damage to houses in the area, and a significant amount of that damage is taken on the roof.


Commercial and residential roof repairs are one of the most common services we provide to homes and businesses in Wisconsin. We can help repair any roofing issues like aging, wear and tear, leaks, and damage from storms or hail.  If you are in need of roof repairs, we provide fast and reliable services to homeowners. We are extremely flexible and ensure that the timing of our repairs works with your busy schedule. After our thorough roof inspection, we check for any problems, then we will provide you with a free, detailed quote that goes over our findings and recommendations for you. 

Our range of products and services is designed with you in mind, meaning that we take special care when it comes to repairing or replacing roofs for residential or commercial purposes. Whatever your intention is, your home deserves to look great and be protected by a quality roof. Our team offers its roofing services to those living in the Kenosha, WI, area and willingly accommodate new and returning clients that want to inquire about our general roofing services or more specific ones that include free inspections, residential roof repair, and replacements or commercial roof repair and replacements. 

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Your home is an extremely precious investment and most people’s pride and joy. A roof replacement is a major home improvement job that requires a large investment of time and money. We know this and want to make the process as easy as possible for homeowners. We offer several different roofing options, including shingle and aluminum. We guarantee that all new roof replacements made with American products will come with a lifetime warranty.  Our roof replacement services make us one of the most reliable roofing professionals in Kenosha, WI. The services we provide include a free inspection and estimate, an experienced and dedicated project manager, and great financing options.

If you have any concerns about your roof and want a, professional consultation, then get in touch with one of our roofing specialists today. Before beginning any work, we always start with a free roof inspection service in Kenosha so we can deliver an honest estimate of what the overall project will cost. Then, we will work with you to devise a plan to ensure that all of your roofing needs are met. Following this inspection, you will be provided with a quote and a written outline of everything that needs to be done. You can also fill out our form for an instant free quote as well.

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What makes Kenosha Roof Repair the best roofing company in Kenosha? There are a lot of roofing repair businesses in Wisconsin, but Kenosha Roof Repairs consistently stands out from the rest. We have hundreds of raving reviews online and a team of knowledgeable experts with years of industry experience.

Kenosha Roof Repairs is one of the top roofing companies serving the Kenosha, WI, area. We have been helping clients for a number of years, specializing in both residential and commercial roofing projects.

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