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Leaking Roof Kenosha

Has your residential or commercial roof been damaged in a recent storm? Is it noticeably aging? Is it leaking? 

Wisconsin gets its fair share of gets vicious weather, from snowstorms to heavy rains. This can do a lot of damage to houses in the area, and a significant amount of that damage is taken on the roof. This damage is a precursor to your roof leaking.

Kenosha Roof Repairs offers a range of services including roof leak repair. Whether it was damage caused by a storm, regular wear-and-tear, or any other issue, Kenosha Roofing is here to help. We pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our work and offer a lifetime guarantee on our work. 

Roof Repair and Replacement Kenosha

Whether you have a residential or commercial roof, repairing or replacing is the only answer to a roof leak. No warranty exists that will cover the total cost of roofing damages due to neglect of correct maintenance on your roof. Instead, you need to take into account the value of what is inside your building, and how important it is that your roof is protecting it.
Structural Damage
Intense damage to your roof can impact the structure greatly, this causes materials to get below the surface and quickly lead to more major issues if left untreated. Making the call to Kenosha Roofing Pros will provide you with the assurance that your roofing structure is in the best hands, preventing any structural damage that causes leaks. 
Surface Damages
Surface damages may not seem like much at first, yet left to their own devices, these become entry points to grit, debris, moisture, and more, which can eventually wear away at the structural material and result in rot and structural damage. This, in turn, can end up being a major issue that requires more than just surface repairs.
Dealing with these issues quickly with our roofing contractors here in Kenosha will remove this from happening again and bring back the strong and dependable roof you depend on to protect your property and those within it. 
Roof Maintenance 
To ensure that your roof is protected from the elements and prevent any future leaking problems, we recommend getting regular inspections and roof maintenance. At Kenosha Roofing Pros we provide maintenance services on any Kenosha home or business.
A lot of leaking issues come from inevitable wear and tear damage. These occur in the more vulnerable areas of the roof like chimneys, vents, skylights, gutter aprons, valleys, and soffits. If you consistently maintain your roof, especially these weaker spots, you can avoid issues that arise from aging and ensure it is protected from the elements and future leaking problems. 
Every roof that we replace comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning your roof is protected, no matter what happens. Our lifetime warranty guarantees our workmanship and shows our customers that we are willing to stand by our work. 

Work With Us

Your roof does not need to become an issue for your business building.

Contact Kenosha Roof Repairs today in order to arrange for one of our roofing professionals to provide your business with a full commercial roofing evaluation and consultation, where we will work with you to make sure that your needs are met within your budget.


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