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Residential Roofing Kenosha

If you are looking for a residential roofing company in the Kenosha area, you’ve found the company who you’re looking for in the form of Kenosha Roof Repairs.

One of the top services provided here at Kenosha Roof Repairs is residential roofing. If you have any residential roofing issues that will necessitate repairs or replacement, we are here to help.
We aim to make residential roofing projects as quick and easy as possible, removing any unnecessary stress that comes with home repairs and helping you get back to your normal life. It’s also important to have your home’s roof repaired in order to preserve the structural integrity of your building as well.
To learn more about the residential roofing services that we offer, please read on to find out more information:

Free Inspections & Estimates

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We will always start with a free inspection service to make sure that we are on the same page with homeowners. This allows us to analyze the total condition of your roof so we can provide you with an accurate and free estimate of what the total cost of the project should end up being.

Everyone on our team here at Kenosha Roof Repairs has the correct licensing, insurance and documentation to make us one of the most trusted businesses for residential roofing in Kenosha, WI.



​We will work alongside you to develop the right plan to meet your roofing needs. We will have a comprehensive look at your roof and then provide you with a detailed quote, outline the current condition of your roof, any repairs you may need to ensure that your home is put back in to great shape. We also offer several different pricing options depending on the project.

Quick and Inexpensive Repair

We specialize in roofs and by having our focus on residential and commercial roofing, we’re able to deliver the best quality of roofing services and customer care in a fast, but efficient way. 
At Kenosha Roofing Pros we offer financing options available to almost all homeowners. No matter your income or credit score we will try and find the best financing option for you.



Reliable Service For You

If you need roofing work done on your residential property then it is crucial you choose the right contractor.

Even though roofing repairs and replacements are a major home improvement project, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Going with the right roofing contractor means that you can ensure that you will get high quality services completed without schedule. All of the contractors who work with us here at Kenosha Roofing Pros stand by their work for both quality and efficiency. A lifetime warranty is provided for any and all projects. At Kenosha Roofing Pro’s, we pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our work and offer a lifetime guarantee on our work.


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